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Aesthetic and anti-ageing medicine specialist with over 15 years’ experience.

Dr Dorota Kowalczyk specializes in the field of modern treatments aimed at hair reconstruction. She was the first doctor in Poland using Biofibre hair implants. She performs hair transplants via the FUE method using the latest technology in Smart Graft devices. In hair loss treatment, Dr Kowalczyk frequently uses the achievements of regenerative medicine including carboxytherapy, mesotherapy, photodynamic therapy, and LED luminotherapy, while seeking out new solutions increasing the effectiveness of the therapy.

We specialize in integrated hair medicine.

i-Hairmed offers the latest and most effective therapies used in the treatment of alopecia arising from different origins and aimed at stopping this process and stimulating the growth of new healthy hair. Thanks to this, we achieve the result of thickening thinning hair — in both men and women. The earlier a patient starts the relevant treatment, the faster and more long-lasting will the results be.
For patients with an advanced state of hair loss, we propose a hair transplant by means of the modern Smart Graft method (no scar left) or the innovative Biofibre implants.
Each therapy is individually selected after thorough diagnosis and qualification. We remain in contact with the patient at every stage of the treatment.


Dr Dorota Kowalczyk is an aesthetic and anti-ageing medicine doctor who has specialized in baldness treatment for over …… years.
She  created i-HairMed in order to offer patients individually selected and effective therapies stopping hair loss.

Effective therapies

At i-Hairmed we use only tried-and-true therapies — safe and tested methods for stopping hair loss. Each procedure is preceded by a medical consultation and a thorough diagnosis in order to choose the most effective therapy for each patient.

On-line consultations

We offer our patients the opportunity for an on-line consultation by registering and completing a special survey, which is similar to a medical interview. In response the patient receives individual recommendations, just as during a consultation in the clinic.

Our mission

For the majority of patients, the absence of hair is not just a matter of appearance but also of well-being. By helping patients recover hair, we are also helping them restore their confidence.
And this is doubly pleasing!

Friendly space

i-Hairmed is a quiet clinic in the heart of Kraków, providing discreet surroundings where you can undergo treatments restoring hair density and vitality. Sterile treatment interiors, modern equipment, and professional service — they all impact the comfort and safety of our proposed therapeutic programs.

aesthetic medicine doctor

Dr Dorota Kowalczyk

I cordially invite you to the procedures offered at i-Hairmed — the place I created specifically for patients suffering from hair loss or thinning hair.


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