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Trichoscopy, dermoscopy

Scalp examination

To plan an effective therapy for baldness, it is necessary to make an accurate diagnosis and discover the causes of hair loss. Erroneous or late diagnosis can cause irreversible hair loss and even be a health hazard, because baldness is sometimes a symptom of a systemic disease. Trichoscopy is a modern diagnostic method using dermatoscopic examination, which allows the accurate diagnosis of the cause of baldness and thus the development of the most effective treatment.

What does the examination entail?

Trichoscopy is a completely non-invasive and painless diagnostic test that involves looking and assessing skin and hair condition using a digital video camera (trichoscope) connected to a computer monitor. It does not require pulling out hair. It allows observation of the scalp at a magnification of up to 200 times, thanks to which the condition of the skin, the follicles, and the hair stems can be assessed.

The examination is carried out on-site at the clinic, while the assessment is carried out by an experienced dermatologist who cooperates with us, to whom the examination is sent. The results are obtained within 48 hours and frequently even during the same visit.

Price list

Dermatoscopy with description

Trichoscopy with description

350 PLN

350 PLN

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