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Hair implants


Hair implants have been around for many years, but previous methods were not sufficiently safe. Biofibre® hair implantation, developed in Italy and launched on the market in 2013, is a medical procedure in which the effectiveness and safety of the procedure, the material used, and the device have been confirmed by tests and required certifications. Biofibre® implantation is a minimally invasive medical procedure used to solve the problem of baldness — at any age, regardless of the intensity, extent, or sex of the patient. Biofibre® hair made of biocompatible synthetic material that is no different from natural hair is introduced into the skin using a special injection technique. Dr Dorota Kowalczyk was the first to use Biofibre® in Poland in 2013.

What does the procedure entail?

The procedure is always preceded by a thorough consultation and qualification. Biofibre hair implantation does not require hospitalization; the procedure is performed in our clinic.

  • Biofibre® implants are artificial hair made of biocompatible material — they are soft, flexible, and particularly resistant to harmful factors. Hair is available in several colors, 15–45 cm long, in three different styles (straight, wavy, curly), which allows the desired aesthetic effect to be achieved. Properly selected and implanted hair does not differ visually from the natural.
  • Hair is implanted under the skin under local anesthesia using a special automatic implantation system. The Biofibre® automatic implantation device shortens the duration of the procedure and allows a larger number of implants to be precisely inserted, which extends the time they stay in the skin.



Photo: Biofibre

After the procedure

Biofibre® root hair integration occurs within 30 days of surgery. If the hair is displaced before this process is completed, its integration into the tissues will be weaker. Excessive hair pulling in the first month impacts the fastening of Biofibre® hair. Improper hygiene and care increase the risk of early hair loss. The most important post-treatment recommendations are

  • On the first day, do not use shampoo or comb your hair.
  • To soften skin redness, apply cold compresses with a sterile swab to protect the skin.
  • For the next 7 days, wash your head 1–2 times with the shampoo recommended by the doctor. Sleep on a soft pillow with a smooth pillowcase to avoid rubbing your head. Use a disinfected comb with wide teeth for combing.
  • Within the 30 days after the implantation, slight peeling or itching usually occurs which disappears after flushing the skin with cool water or gently combing the hair with a disinfected comb.

Patients receive exact recommendations at the clinic during the visit. After implantation, follow-up visits are also required according to an individually agreed plan. Any disturbing symptoms such as persistent itching, redness, or headache should be reported.


The hair thickening effect is visible immediately. Biofibre® hair can last for years. During the year, approximately 10–15% of implants may fall out; therefore, once a year a complementary procedure is performed.

The hair can be cut but your hairdresser must be notified in advance of the intended length of the implants. Only dye without ammonia should be used for hair coloring.

In hair care and styling, avoid:

  • keratin microfibers
  • hair dyes with ammonia
  • strong hair sprays and styling gels
  • cresol shampoos
  • anti-dandruff and anti-seborrheic shampoos not recommended by the doctor
  • prolonged use of iodine and hydrogen peroxide
  • products with lemon essence or vinegar in concentrations of 5% and higher
  • perms and hair lightening
  • drying with too hot air
  • using straighteners and curlers
  • brushing hair
  • jerking, pulling
  • use of a sauna without a wet head cover


Biofibre implantation is a simple and effective aesthetic medical procedure that solves the problem of baldness at every stage of advancement, at any age, regardless of gender. It is appropriate

  • when an immediate effect is needed
  • if a patient is asking for a less invasive method
  • to thicken thin and delicate hair
  • in combination with other techniques rebuilding hair loss.


  • natural and immediate aesthetic effect
  • a painless procedure carried out in the clinic
  • ease and speed in obtaining results
  • rapid hair thickening in a short time
  • patient safety
  • short recovery time — return to physical activity and sports the day after surgery
  • decent price


There are no specific contraindications for the procedure. The procedure must be preceded by consultation with a doctor.

Price list

Price per implant (simple, single 15 cm implant)

from PLN 9

The price per implant is lower for a quantity of 600 implants. Longer, curly, and MHD triple hair are priced higher, depending on the quantity.

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