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Price list


Consultation in the clinic

250 PLN

On-line consultation (prepayment)

200 PLN

Hair transplantation and implants

SmartGraft hair transplant

from 10 PLN per graft

Biofibre implants

The price per implant is lower for a quantity of 600 implants.
Longer, curly, and MHD triple hair are priced higher, depending on the quantity.

from 9 PLN per hair (a single straight implant of 15 cm)

Regenerative medicine

Platelet rich plasma PRP

800 PLN per treatment

Focused CGF growth factors

800 PLN per treatment

Micrografting Regenera Activa

6000 PLN per treatment

Stem cells from fat tissue nanotransfer

3500 PLN per treatment

Scalp mesotherapy

Scalp mesotherapy with a nutrient cocktail

280 PLN per treatment
2500 PLN per series of 10 treatments

Dr Cyj peptide mesotherapy for the scalp

700 PLN per treatment
1900 PLN per series of 3 treatments


Scalp carboxytherapy

120 PLN per treatment
1000 PLN per series of 10 treatments

Light therapy

LED irradiation

20 PLN per treatment
360 PLN per series of 20 treatments

Laser band

150 PLN per series of 10 treatments

Photodynamic therapy

500 PLN per exposure


Dermatoscopy with description

350 PLN

Trichoscopy with description

350 PLN

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