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Stem cells – nano transfer

Nano Fat micrograft

This is an innovative, yet easy and safe autologous procedure to perform. It relies on taking adipose tissue rich in stem cells and its cell components and — after proper preparation — administering this nutritious cocktail to the scalp by mesotherapy in order to revitalize and regenerate the hair follicles. The micrograft method used in our clinic was developed by Dr. Mario Goisis, a world-famous plastic surgeon.

What does the treatment entail?

The treatment involves collecting a small amount of fat (e.g., from around the hip or abdomen) using a patented cannula which is constructed to preserve the largest possible number of intact cells, thanks to which the collected material is of high quality. The area is locally anesthetized beforehand. In the first stage, the anesthetic fluid and unnecessary tissue elements that could be pro-inflammatory or toxic to fat and stem cells are separated, so a very important function of the system is its ability to completely clean the fat before administration. Fat collection, processing, and injection takes place in a closed system that completely eliminates contact with air that would otherwise affect the quality of the material and the safety of the procedure.

Adipose tissue is an important source of valuable stem cells that are injected point by point into the skin in the treated area. Their task is to revitalize and regenerate the hair follicles and rebuild the vascularization, which is a condition for effectively stimulating the follicles to produce new hair intensively.

After treatment

For the first 1–3 days, the skin may be slightly swollen and red, and minor bruising may appear. All symptoms disappear spontaneously.

Do not wash your hair and scalp on the day of the treatment, but you can the next day. Do not visit the pool or sauna for the next 7 days.


The first result of the regeneration of the hair follicles will be visible about a month after the procedure. The hair stops falling out and the new hair grows back thicker and healthier. It is easier to style. It takes up to 2 years to see the final result of the treatment of baldness.


The treatment is intended for people who want to improve the quality and density of their hair or to stop hair loss, and therefore primarily in cases such as

  • androgenetic alopecia
  • hair loss after pregnancy and lactation
  • hair loss due to stress, intense weight loss, improper eating, etc.
  • hair loss after hormone therapy
  • seasonal hair loss
  • thin and sparse hair that needs strengthening


  • A sterile, secure nanotransfer system.
  • The treatment uses the patient’s own cells, which means it is 100% tolerated and safe.
  • It does not preclude the patient from normal daily life.
  • There is a strong nutritional effect on hair follicles after just one treatment.


The most common contraindications for surgery are

  • pregnancy or breast-feeding
  • blood coagulation disorders
  • diabetes
  • active inflammation on the scalp
  • cancer
  • use of blood thinning drugs
  • scarring alopecia
  • immune disorders

Price list

Stem cell nanotransfer

3700 PLN per treatment

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