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Answers to the most frequently asked questions

Have a look at the most frequently asked questions regarding procedures at i-Hairmed  as well as the on-line consultation service and learn the answers. If you don’t find what you are interested in here, contact us to get the answer.

Which procedure is the best for me?

It depends on the reason your hair is thinning, the duration of this process, and how advanced its symptoms are. At i-Hairmed, therefore, we always recommend an initial consultation with the doctor before making a decision as to the choice of procedure. Only then will you have the certainty that the choice is the most appropriate and the procedure will bring about the desired results. In some cases, the only effective method of hair thickening is transplantation.

Does the procedure always have to be preceded by a meeting at the clinic?

If you live nearby or you are passing through Kraków, we cordially invite you!
If not, and you don’t know exactly yet what is the cause of your hair problem, you may also take advantage of the opportunity for an on-line consultation.
You should register, make the payment, and then complete the online medical interview form. Dr Dorota Kowalczyk will thoroughly analyze it and may perhaps ask you to send additional test results. On that basis the result of the consultation will be prepared and sent to you by email.

How to conduct the on-line consultation?

It’s simple. Just create an account at iHairmed: LINK and then you will be registered as our patient. You can also use the on-line consultation option by completing the medical history available after logging in and making the payment — the fee for an on-line consultation: 200 PLN. The medical history enables the doctor to get to know your problem in detail. This, coupled with the analysis of the tests and photos you sent, will enable a diagnosis to be made and an individual treatment plan to be proposed for you.

When will I see the results of the treatments?

It depends on the baseline and the proposed method. Generally, it takes a minimum of 1–3 months to see baldness inhibition after methods such as mesotherapy or autologous treatments with PRP plasma or stem cells. Following the Smart Graft method, the result is visible after 12–16 months.

Are scalp mesotherapy treatments painful?

Sensations during the procedure are dependent on individual predispositions. For the majority of people, despite a certain discomfort associated with making many small punctures, the use of any additional anesthesia  is not required.

Does transplantation require recovery at home?

No, it doesn’t. The procedure is conducted using the Smart Graft device — contrary to the traditional surgical transplant — it doesn’t require any special recovery afterwards, because it doesn’t involve removing a strip of skin for transplantation. After collecting grafts, small holes remain on the skin — less than 1 mm in diameter. This area heals within a few days. Meanwhile, cold compresses can be used, the patient should also be careful with skin hygiene by using mild shampoos (e.g., for children), and avoid pool visits. The majority of patients can return to work and full activity the next day.

Is it possible to completely cure androgenic alopecia?

Androgenic alopecia is, to a large extent, a genetic condition, therefore, it isn’t possible to cure it completely. Treatments may, however, significantly reduce hair loss and stimulate the appearance of new hair. Treatments such as mesotherapy should be conducted regularly. The only method providing a permanent solution is a hair transplant.

Can I have blood tests done in the clinic on the spot?

Yes, you can. It is possible to have tests done in the clinic. At i-Hairmed we can draw blood and have it delivered to a cooperating laboratory for analysis. Dr Dorota Kowalczyk recommends a number of tests.

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