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Concentrated growth factors (CGF)

CGF Hair

Autologous regenerative treatment — using the patient’s own tissue structure or organs —employs highly concentrated growth factors and CD34+ stem cells that activate the growth phase in hair follicles. This beneficial concentrate is obtained from the patient’s blood after collection and centrifugation. The therapy stimulates the regeneration processes of the scalp in order to thicken the hair and inhibit baldness. It is both a regenerative treatment that rebuilds hair and a preventive one — protecting against further hair loss. The treatment is recommended for both women and men (CGF Gentleman).

What does the treatment entail?

Concentrated Growth Factors (CGF) are found in the blood and are proteins that regulate complex regeneration processes without side effects or allergies.

  • In the first stage, the doctor collects blood from the patient in a special tube, which after centrifugation in a so-called cell separator, results in CGF and CD34+ stem cells.
  • CD34+ cells are hematopoietic multipotent stem cells derived from peripheral blood that give rise to many types of blood cells. They are one of the better-characterized stem cells in the human body. They secrete the growth factors responsible for activating the growth phase in hair follicles.
  • The use of glass tubes makes the acquisition of the concentrated preparation safe and without loss of quality, which is important for the effectiveness of the treatment.
  • The concentrate is applied to the hairy scalp by mesotherapy; it does not require anesthesia.

Protocol: 3–5 treatments at intervals of 4 weeks. The procedure can be supplemented with other treatments.

After treatment

On the day of the procedure, do not wash your head or apply any styling agents so as not to irritate the skin. Beginning the day after the treatment, use mild shampoos. Within 1-3 days, the redness and tenderness of the skin, which are natural consequences of the puncturing, disappear. Skin not covered by hair should be protected on sunny days with SPF 50+ sunblock.


Regularly repeated CGF treatment leads to hair thickening and inhibits hair loss. The first results can be seen approximately a month after the procedure.


Therapy with concentrated growth factors is effective for people with excessive hair loss, as well as with fine or thin hair that requires revitalization and thickening. It is recommended in treatment primarily for

  • alopecia areata
  • androgenetic alopecia


  • CGF is a natural material and completely biocompatible; therefore, there is no risk of allergies or intolerance.
  • As it does not require anesthesia or recovery, it does not prevent normal activities.
  • Repeated regularly, it ensures a lasting result and prevents hair loss.


The most common contraindications for surgery are

  • pregnancy or breast-feeding
  • blood coagulation disorders
  • autoimmune diseases
  • active inflammation on the scalp
  • cancer
  • use of blood thinning drugs

Price list

CGF for the scalp

800 PLN per treatment

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